RAXER ( formerly know as Gtr Sport Wheels ) were born from a mission to create the Most Innovative and High Quality wheels in the industry . With over 15 years of experience , We work to stay ahead of the market trend, keeping up with customer demands and changing tastes in order to provide wheels with the most fashionable designs, styles and fine workmanship.

Product strengths:

1. New designs - We have set up a dedicated team for designing, targeted at understanding the Malaysian market needs and preferences. The various designs produced have a distinctively Malaysian flavour to them. We have registered patents for designs which are novel and unique.


2. Quality & Reasonable pricing - Our prices are reasonable even for designs that are unique. we employ the latest technology and treat our wheels with high-temperature heat during the coating process. When applying the coating/colouring, we use stylish metallic paints. All this, at a reasonable price to our customers.


3. Warranty


4. After sales service - We provide after sales service to ensure customers’ satisfaction in using our products.


5. Registered brands - RAXER


The Warranty

Every Raxer wheel is put through the highest standard in testing and quality control. These high standards allow us to provide a one year workmanship and a lifetime structural warranty.

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